Welcome to the Empire and Partition Heritage Trail – Westminster Edition

Step into an immersive journey to transport you through critical historical events in India and Britain from 1600 to 1972. As you explore various locations in London, you’ll unravel the intertwined history of trade, colonial India, its partition, and the lasting impact it has had on its people. 

Discover influential figures, significant events, and key organisations that shaped a shared history between India and Britain. This trail promises a unique and educational experience and provides a deeper understanding of the connections between these two nations.

Let the Empire and Partition Heritage Trail – Westminster Edition begin!

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The Digital Trail

For an even more in-depth exploration, delve into our digital heritage trail, which takes the journey across London! 

It features enlightening essays by notable academics and community historians, offering a wealth of knowledge to enrich your journey through time and will leave you with a profound appreciation for the shared history of India and Britain.