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Everyday Muslim Tenth Anniversary Event Proposal

Everyday Muslim are seeking funding and sponsorship for our tenth-anniversary celebration that explores the history and heritage of Muslims in Britain through our six-month festival programme titled Everyday Muslim, Past, Present and Future. The programme will be our first large-scale event since our last symposium in 2019. It aims to explore the rich history and heritage of the Muslim community in Britain, highlight new research and projects happening throughout the country, and provide a unique networking opportunity for people from diverse professional backgrounds working on Muslims in Britain. The participants will be selected through a ‘call for participants with a few invited notable keynote speakers and performers.

The festival programme promises a host of exciting events, including a symposium, panel discussions, community heritage workshops, a spoken word/performance evening, a heritage trail relay across sites in England, Scotland and Wales, a film festival, and the much-awaited launch of our digital map platform,

We have partnered with some of the industry’s most notable and respected names for this celebration. Our confirmed partners include Muslims in Britain Research Network, Queen Mary’s University, Islam UK Centre, Cardiff University, Muslim History Tours, and Other Cinemas. With such renowned partners by our side, we are confident that our festival programme will be a huge success.

We have a record of hosting successful and ground-breaking events that include the participation of academics, artists, heritage and media professionals, educators, and the community. Our panel discussions and workshops will bring together experts from across the country to delve into the themes of Muslim history and heritage in Britain. For the first time this year, we will also accept film shorts as part of our call out for participation, enabling Muslim filmmakers a platform to share their cinematic take on representation of Muslim heritage. The heritage trails allow communities to experience history in a physical and geographical context.

We firmly believe that our festival programme will contribute towards a better understanding and explore discoveries in the history and research of the Muslim community in Britain. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore and celebrate Muslim history in Britain through our programme of events. We hope to see you there!

 Festival Cost

The cost reflects eighteen events over six months, including a two-day academic and community symposium, ten heritage workshops, seven heritage trails and a one-day film festival.

Symposium and Workshops


Tbc possible free venue options include Queen Mary’s University, William Morris Gallery, The Yellow and The Institute of Historical Research

Approximate cost for two full days and evenings at other London locations,

including tech support                                                                                                 £ 7,250

Speaker’s honorarium

Honorarium for invited panellists and keynotes                                                        £ 2,200

Workshop Facilitators

Ten half-day workshops at £350                                                                                   £ 3,500


Lunch and refreshments over two days                                                                      £ 8,000

 Heritage Trails

Trail Facilitator 7 trails @£350 for a 2-hour trail experience                                    £ 2,450

Film Festival

Planning and film selection @£200 for ten days for a one-day

and evening programme                                                                                                 £ 2,000

Hosting one day and evening programme                                                                    £   750

Project Manager @£250 x 2 days over 34 weeks                                                      £ 17,000

 TOTAL COST                                                                                                                       £ 43,150

TOTAL COST without venue hire                                                                                    £ 35,900

THE PROJECTED TOTAL REVENUE is estimated to cover almost half of the cost of the festival. This is calculated at the lower ticket price for each event and a medium audience turnout based on past events.


How can we support you?

We are already working closely with community groups, mosques, schools, academics and heritage organisations to develop resources to support their efforts in identifying, documenting and celebrating the contribution of Muslims in society today and in a historical context. Collaborations can support aims to engage with a large and diverse audience with the purpose to promote understanding, awareness and learning about the everyday aspects of Muslims’ lives.

  • Record Oral Histories
  • KS2/3 classroom resources
  • Heritage workshops
  • Develop heritage open day tours presentations/activities
  • Booklets and curriculum-based resources for school visits
  • Family history lesson plans for madrassahs and community groups
  • Exhibitions
  • Podcasts
  • Documentaries
  • Archive research
  • Websites
  • Archive Collections

For further information on how we can work together on future projects and develop new ideas or your suggestions please email:


There are many opportunities for you to get involved in our projects. Your contribution to the Everyday Muslim project provides an opportunity for you to be involved in leaving a legacy for future generations. As a largely, voluntary group, all offers of volunteer support are greatly appreciated.

There are numerous opportunities for you to get involved in our many projects. Below is a list of ways in which you can contribute:

  • Project ideas/planning
  • Record oral histories
  • Write blogs
  • Research
  • Organise / Catalogue archives
  • Digitisation
  • Design exhibitions
  • Photography

For further information on our current projects and current volunteer opportunities please email: