This is the first archive collection based on the stories and memories of the Black, African and Afro – Caribbean (BAAC) Muslim community in Britain. Focused on London, the collection is gathered by recording oral history interviews, collecting photographs, documents. Additionally, a research aspect, explores, archives to develop the first representation of the community from a historical perspective.

The project spans three generations, providing valuable witness testimony of the ways in which the community have sought to maintain their religion, culture, heritage and identity in London.

The hidden histories recorded here include information on changes to daily life for London’s British Black Muslims based on the themes of childhood, work-life, dress,culture/faith and celebrations. As well as, emphasising the diversity of cultures and nationalities that form the Black Muslim community.

The full archive collection will be available at the George Padmore Institute, from early 2019 with a selection accessible at Brent Museums and Archives.

We have worked closely with the community since 2015. A consultation group was set-up inviting community members from a variety of backgrounds to advise on every aspect of the project. This included the name for the project, setting interview questions, suggesting interviewees for the oral history recordings, exhibition ideas and planning events and our symposium; An Exploration of Black Muslims in British History and Heritage, March 2017.

  • The Archive

    Digital catalogue of archive at George Padmore Institute.

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  • Gallery

    Selection of historic and contemporary images from the archive collection.

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  • Stories from the Archive

    An opportunity to share stories, opinions and history through blogs, presentations, debates and spoken word performances.

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  • Educational Resources

    Curriculum based Schemes of Work and lesson plans for the school and madrassah classroom.

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