An opportunity for the the local Muslim community to come and share stories and memories.

The exhibition will explore personal and family stories of the Muslim community in Walthamstow and East London from 1960 and beyond.

Discover stories from early Muslim settlers, from the reason they chose Walthamstow as their home or why Leyton Baths was important in the early 60’s and many more discoveries about their early lives.

You too can take part by bringing with you something that best says ‘Everyday Muslim’. It can range from a special family photograph, a story, a particular prayer mat or a halal sweet wrapper. It could then be selected to feature in our exhibition next year.

Dr Sean McLoughlin from the University of Leeds, who collected interviews for the acclaimed British Museum Hajj exhibition, will also join us. He will talk about his British Academy funded research on British Muslims’ experiences of the Hajj and will ‘show and tell’ various digital video, audio, photographic and text-based resources.

Don’t forget you can also visit ‘The Muslim Front Room’ exhibition in the main gallery.

Tea and coffee will be provided. All are welcome.

For questions or further information please contact:


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