The Everyday Muslim Symposium was a day not only of academic debate and discussion but, one which celebrated heritage through spoken word performances highlighting notion of belonging, identity and heritage.

Shahida Rahman – Reads from her novel, Lascar.

Shahida Rahman discusses the historical context of her novel ‘Lascar.’ The video also, includes a reading from her book by Shahida’s son, Ibrahim.

Shahida Rahman, was born and raised in Cambridge. Lascar, is Shahida’s debut historical novel and was long-listed for the Brit Writers Unpublished Award 2010. She has also written a radio play for the Lascar Heritage Project which aired in 2011. Shahida co-authored a screenplay called India Ink and was shortlisted for the WriteMovies International Writing Contest and Circalit’s Story Department Competition in 2011. She is currently writing her next novel.

Amaal Said performing ‘History’, ‘Mama’s boy’, ‘Make it out’ and ‘The Cut’

Amaal is a 19 year-old Danish-born Somali who currently resides in London, UK. Amaal is a member of the Barbican Young Poets and Burn After Reading collectives. Her work explores the idea of home, identity and what war has meant for her family, among other things. She is currently working on her first poetry collection.

Tasmia Salim – ‘The Mother Tongue’

Tasmia is a British Bengali Muslim woman, Originally from East London and currently studying her final year in Psychology. Her writing and performances are concerned with the oral traditions rooted in her culture and how personal narratives and histories are passed down between generations.

Mizan the Poet – ‘Me’ and ‘Stolen’

Mizan The Poet is a British Bengali Spoken Word artist born and raised in London whose brand of poetry is inspired by politics and real life experiences.


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