Tanya Muneera Williams – Who Are British Muslims?

Spoken word artist and one half of the British Muslim hip hop duo ‘Poetic Pilgrimage’ Tanya Muneera Williams discusses the diversity of British Muslims and the need to acknowledge this diversity when collecting the histories of British Muslims.

Carien Kremer – Why do we need partners?

Carien Kremer, Curator at Vestry House Museum and William Morris Gallery, discusses the need for partners and the importance of collaboration in ensuring that museum and archive spaces include British Muslim heritage.

Martin Spafford – Why teach Muslim heritage in the classroom?

Martin Spafford, co-author of the OCR Migration unit in the UK history curriculum and retired history teacher, discusses the importance of school curriculums reflecting diversity and the need to embrace British Muslim history as part of general British historical narratives.

Tharik Hussain – How are Muslims & Muslim heritage represented in the media?

Tharik Hussain, a Media Studies teacher, journalist and broadcaster draws on his own personal experience producing a radio show for the BBC to highlight the adverse effects of the medias negative representations of Muslims.

Halima Khanom – Where should British Muslim heritage live?

In the final presentation of the event, heritage professional Halima Khanom asks where and in what form should British Muslim heritage and history be collected and preserved.