A few months ago whilst visiting my aunt, I was introduced to man who was also visiting her. On realising who I was he said to me: “Your grandfather was an amazing man. Let me tell a story you won’t believe.”

He went on to tell me that in the 1950’s his mother had gone to drop his sister off at Nairobi airport as she was travelling to perform Hajj. In those days you could board the plane with your relatives, On that same flight was my grandfather (Nana Abu) as he too was to perform the Hajj and had arranged the trip. The plane was half empty and he turned to his mother and asked “Do you have a valid passport?” she replied “Yes, I do.” My grandfather instructed her to then go home and pack a bag as she was going to perform Hajj. And she did!

Female interviewee
Born 1973
Interviewed Januaury 2014