Partnering with the SOAS African Caribbean Society, the East Africa Society & the Somali Society, the Everyday Muslim Heritage and Archive Initiative hosted an event entitled Write to Preserve. It included a panel discussion bringing together speakers from a variety of professional writing backgrounds to share their own experiences and to discuss ideas on how to empower the Black British community into writing and discovering the importance of documenting and preserving their own heritage for future generations.

Introduction to Write to Preserve and Adama Juldeh Munu

Host Ismael Lea South introduces the programme and first speaker: Adama Juldeh Munu is a broadcast journalist and producer, with a focus on news and factual documentaries. She has been nominated for the ‘Rising star in media’ award at the 2018 British Muslim Awards. She is the creator of the Afro Diaspora news and current affairs series ‘Africa This Week’. Working as a daily news reporter, her main expertise relates to Sub-Saharan African/African Diaspora, Black Muslim and Middle eastern issues.

Ron Shabaz Shillingford

Ron Shillingford is an author, novelist and biographer. He is author of several books including The History of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs: The Biography of Success. As a journalist he has interviewed a plethora of famous people including sporting legends such as Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Linford Christie and Venus Williams.

Amal Douglas

Amal Douglas is an author and businessman. Founder of the Open Trade Network, an original member of the League of the Black Stone, a respected community leader and activist, and has served on the board of many charitable, social and strategic organisations & enterprises. He has written several books and articles including Call of the Twice Removed: The Necessary and Unique Role for the African/Caribbean in the Future of the Americas, Europe and Beyond (Black Stone Press, 2016).

Halimat Shode

Halimat Shode is the founder of a quarterly on-line publication and platform dedicated to representation of Black Muslims in the UK, The Black Muslim Times.

Amina Taylor

Amina Taylor is a senior corresponded, producer and presenter. She was formerly an editor of Pride Magazine and formerly contributed to The Guardian. She previously presented a show on BBC London 94.9.

Richard Reddie

Richard Reddie is an author and researcher. He has written for a number of Christian and secular publications, including Focus, Christianity, the Weekly Gleaner and The Voice. He is also author of Black Muslims in Britain: Why are a Growing Number of Young Black Men Converting to Islam? (Lion Books, 2009).

Write to Preserve: Q and A