This year Everyday Muslim held their annual symposium in March which was hosted by the venue Richmix in London. A host of speakers represented a variety of voices to discuss and evaluate the changing ways in which Muslim and Islamic heritage is represented and archived. Incorporating topics such as identity, representation and access. As well as, examining a host of challenges faced by diverse organisations and individuals in the heritage sector. The consultation was attended by over forty delegates representing; archives, museums, education, media and the Muslim community. The different speakers provided a context for the group debates that followed.

All the presentations are available to view here.

The objective of the ‘What Matters’ consultations and workshops is to identify and provide possible solutions and measures to the specific challenges, needs and opportunities related to British Muslim heritage. The aim is to create a cohesive manifesto as reference for those interested in ensuring that British Muslim heritage is included in wider British heritage.

The concept of ‘What Matters’ was a direct consequence of interaction with over 120 delegates at the Everyday Muslim symposium in 2015 which, was also the first symposium to address British Muslim heritage from a diverse sector view. The most common sentiment was that there is a desire to work in a more cross-collaborative way. Everyday Muslim anticipate ‘What Matters’ will provide a space in which to highlight issues, concerns but also opportunities and guidance to facilitate a variety of partnerships for future projects around Muslim heritage in Britain.

Most of the presentations from the 2015 symposium are available to view here.

A second ‘What Matters’ consultation took place in May, with 14 students from the Cambridge Muslim College.

The session was organised around three key questions:

  1. What does the term “British Muslim heritage” mean to you?
  2. Is heritage an important aspect of your identity?
  3. Is it important to document British Muslim heritage?

Reports from both consultations are now available for download.

What Matters – Consultation at Richmix

What Matters – Consultation at Cambridge Muslim College

The ‘What Matters’ consultation period will be two years. After which a comprehensive report of all findings will be published. The final ‘manifesto’ will be devised in collaboration with educators, heritage, media arts and community professionals.

If your college, heritage organisation or community group would like to take part in future consultations, please contact:

Your views and comments can be sent to:


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